Thursday, 21 April 2011

Sock&Sole Brand Watch...

Yuketen Shoes...
Does Yuki Matsuda mean anything to you? Probably not, but upon seeing his footwear creations I have certainly taken note!

No Yuketen shoe is made by on a whim as Matsuda considers the history of every style he creates, travelling across the United States to create interpretations of shoes that have moulded aspects of American culture. From his crepe-soled boat shoes (East Coast inspired) to his walking boots inspired by Native Americans, Matsuda's shoes are a different class in terms of design and construction.

Get Some!


Sunday, 17 April 2011

Soles of the Summer...Espadrilles

With summer threatening to actually turn up in England for what will make a change, your soles need to come correct or risk the moment you realise air is struggling to circulate around your warming feet. Not healthy.

So if you wondering what can casually replace your loafers, plimsolls etc, try some Espadrilles with your shorts, 3-quarters, jeans or the rest of your summer bottom options. You can pick good ones up cheap as this is how they're made - and come in every colour imaginable.

In short: when is hot, so are these.


Monday, 11 April 2011

The Ugly Gorgeous Shoes For You!

'Follow me Wu Tang gotta be, the best thing since stocks in Clarks Wallabees'
Method Man (Gravel Pit)

'You wanna pull a heist draw guns and robberies,
you wanna rock rep, step in yellow Wallabees'
Raekwon (C.R.E.A.M)

Chances are you don't know about the Clarks Grasshopper, but the Desert Boots' poor cousin is an iconic shoe. Initially rejected in Europe, they were shipped to America and renamed 'the Wallabee' where they proved very popular with rappers who used them as a riposte to the Timberland Boots sported by rivals. Championed by the Wu-Tang Clan and Reggae artists alike, they became and remain a crepe soled wonder to easily rival the Desert Boot.


Tuesday, 5 April 2011

We Are All Just Coloured Soles...

A friend gave me a heads-up about a brand of shoes that I needed to be aware of. T. and F. Slack. After doing the research they are a class act. Handmade to your very specifications down to the colour, they have spawned some modern classic, and as investment shoes go, these are definitely ones to watch!

Looking into the growing trend in coloured soles as an expression of personality, in addition to/instead of socks - there is certainly a lot to inspire your coloured soles whether street or smart!


Monday, 4 April 2011

No Sock, & Sole...

Thom Brown describes ankles as the 'male cleavage' but the girl that goes crazy at the sight of a turn-up, has alluded me on my travels! That said, it is still worth looking at, summer is coming and socks can sometimes get a little warm!

As shown in the picture(s), most of my 11 for '11 can be rocked with no sock, but for hygiene purposes as well as making those soles last longer...its back to Selfridges to pick up those Falke invisibles!