Friday, 30 December 2011

Question Time

Anonymous asked:

What shoes shall I wear on New Years Eve. I am going to a club, does it matter?

Of course it matters. Doormen judge you on your shoes! It matters a whole lot. Without seeing your shoe/outfits options this is somewhat difficult so I will try and stick to basics.

Wearing Jeans: Black Jeans - Brown Shoes. Dark Indigo/Rinse Jeans: Tan Shoes (any of the smarter styles discussed in this blog will be suitable

Wearing Chinos/Khakis: Camel - Tan/Brown Oxfords, or Tasselled Loafers would be a winner

Wearing a suit: Kudos to you first and foremost, then throw on a single monkstrap and look fresh to death!

Wearing Joggers: Don't.

AND lest we forget all socks you have to consider... TAKE YOU PICK!

Play Hard,


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